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  • Marc Sheltra is reconstructing his AA1A. See his progress at www.digitalblast.net/N6307L.
  • Ralph Neal Dolan has a site featuring his AA1A (plus some other toys) at http://myweb.cableone.net/rdoolin/.
  • Mark Small's "Desert Cheetah", undergoing restoration as documented on his pages.
  • Robert Bondy's page of shots covering his 1975 Tiger now based at Essex Co (CDW) in NJ.
  • Jeff Jacobs' illustrated account of his Cheetah's paint job, with downloadable templates and sketches for all Grumman models; plus a Cheetah model for Microsoft Flight Simulator 98, 2000, and 2002.
  • Greg Johnson has a web site describing the purchase and overhaul of his 1976 Cheetah.
  • The Grumpy Gang, the official website of the European AYA members where they tell stories and lies about their exploits in Europe.
  • Got an urge for stats? See the grumman-gang website usage stats at Webalizer Statistics Page.
  • Colin Pryke introduces us to Romeo Yankee Flying Group, based in Elstree, near London UK.
  • The Bashers are a group of twelve Grumman enthusiasts based at Popham in Hampshire UK.

  • David James has a Home Page, showing off his Cheetah and other stuff.
  • The University Flying Club, Perth, Australia has a Tiger as part of it's fleet.
  • Tony Bond sent in this link to the web page of the Brisbane Flying Group of Brisbane Australia. This club owns three aircraft, all of which happen to be '79 Tigers.
  • The Southern Maryland Flying Circus is Brent York, Tom Hesbach, and Scott Davis, owners of N26330.
  • Jan Savage and family now own Grumman Tiger N7467B and they call him "Louie". Check out their little corner of the digital dirt road.
  • Mike Nichols has a company and a Web Site dedicated to his Tiger. Check out the URL.
  • See Yuma, AZ from Stephen Opgenorth's AA1-A. Also see Form 337s for installing a Davtron OAT/Voltmeter in an AA5B, spinner gap seal gear and exhaust fairing on an AA5A.
  • Ron Walker shows off his transplanted Canadian Yankee. Be sure and check out the related pages.
  • Sue Kramer, mother of N6093L "Little Lima", shows off her baby pictures.
  • Joe Reed now lives with his Cheetah at Spring Valley Farm Airpark.

  • The Home Page of Scott & Mary Saylor, proud owners of a 1977 T-Cat.
  • From Air Races in a Tiger, to piloting his own 1977 Cheetah, Jose Gibert of Vero Beach, Florida has the distinction of flying round-trip to the 1999 Minden AYA convention twice. Once with Glen Davis in N70GD and the other with Delta.
  • Frank "Ginzo" Fella's web site. Frank is a Computer Training Consultant and a Tiger owner since 1996. Frank lives in the Cleveland area and the plane lives at Cuyahoga County Airport (CGF).
  • Andy Elliott's award and race winning tail dragging Yankee.
  • Roger Halye runs the The Scratching Post, a custom embroidery service for apparel to compliment your airplane.
  • Tom Jackson and his Yankee.
  • Dave Meier and his wife Cissy own Cheetah N26963. His page details flying background, hobby interests, and personal information.
  • Greg Amy's page detailing his "Winner - Best Equipped Four Place" at AYA '99 in Minden, NV.
    Greg also has a page showing the NASA AA1 Test Plane which was used for spin-testing.
  • Daren Savage found a brief movie clip from NASA featuring one of the Yankee's spin tests. (Warning: "Brief" means it's a 30-second clip. It's size is about 2 Megabytes and will take several minutes to download at dialup modem speeds).
  • Tom Boyd and his wife Betty own and operate Global Aviation in Maroochydore, Queensland, Australia. Tom has posted five photos of their Tiger VH-XEL.
  • Bil Kleb and Rob Scott joined forces to buy N9734U, a 1976 Cheetah formerly belonging to Keith Elliston. These two work at the birthplace of aviation research: NASA Langley in Hampton, Virginia.
  • Mike Fairley's Gulfstream Tiger Home Page has some great performance charts and logos along with pictures of N28981.
  • Michael Gillespie's page contains a wonderful array of aviation links.
  • Rebecca Harvey is one of the most enthusiastic Grumman pilots among us. She was even married in a Cougar!
  • Stephen Jones has links to a page discussing how he rebuilt his panel. This comes natural to him as his company, SimPhonics Inc. are involved in sound modelling.
  • Pierre Jouvelot, works at the Centre de researche en Informatique de l'Ecole des Mines de Paris. Along with a stunning picture of a Tiger, Pierre offers you his musical compositions and a literary reading list.
  • Brian Lecompte runs West Wind Aviation Ltd., Western Canada's largest aircraft sales firm. You can see what's on the market as well as take a look at his exhaustive list of aviation links.
  • Gangster Joseph Thompson is the owner of N22JT and the Director of the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art.
  • Gangster Paul Tollini has a comprehensive aviation website that even gives the time and the weather in Willow Grove PA. He flies an AA1C, a Great Lakes and an ultralight helicopter.
  • Garry Vogt's company sells general aviation aircraft, and aircraft insurance - a handy reference for those buying or selling. He is located near Los Angeles.
  • Steve Williams, former editor of the AYA's American Star, features his orange two seater.
  • We could use more links to gangsters. Don't be shy. Send new links or updates to me and I'll add them to this page.

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